Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use: Global Adult Tobacco Survey

August 13th, 2012 | Author: Fabiana Talbot

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey, implemented by the CDC Foundation in partnership with the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use and the World Health Organization, helps countries monitor adult tobacco use, exposure to second-hand smoke, quit attempts, and the effectiveness of tobacco control measures among adults.


The survey is currently active in 31 countries and draws from approximately 675 million smokers.  Information is collected via face-to-face interviews using electronic data devices, and highlights smoking trends and interventions in many regions of the developing world.

Researchers hope the findings will point towards a solution to the worldwide tobacco epidemic that causes about 5.4 million deaths each year – a figure expected to increase to more than 8 million per year by 2030.

In addition to gathering information about adult smoking habits, the CDC Foundation expanded its research and created the Global Youth Tobacco Survey, “…which monitors tobacco use and the effectiveness of tobacco control measures among youth ages 13-15 years in more than 30 countries.”

What are your thoughts on this initiative?  What else can be done to prevent the rise of tobacco use worldwide?


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