COPDers in the Greater Boston Area – The A.I.R. Study Needs You!

August 25th, 2010 | Author: Katelyn Turner


It’s a mantra that’s passed around the COPD community, symbolizing the importance and significance of managing your COPD.

American Innovative Research Corporation (A.I.R. Corp) is trying to help COPDers do just that.

They are recruiting COPDers in the Greater Boston area for a study they are conducting on the effectiveness of replacing indoor air pollution with operating room quality air.

“A.I.R. Corporation has developed a new fresh air delivery system that brings in air from outside the home and sterilizes it to give you operating room quality air in the comfort of your home,” Dennis Koczirka, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for A.I.R, says. “The new patented technology removes or destroys 99.9999 percent of harmful airborne pathogens providing COPDers with break though protection.”

The unit, called the Icon, adjusts the flow of the fresh sterile air to create a pressurized environment preventing infiltration of all forms of airborne contaminants

Koczirka indicated that the combined expertise of the Center for Disease Control, the architectural designers (AIA) of the hospital and the mechanical air flow control engineers (ASHRAE) have worked in unison to define the safest air quality environment.

The Icon meets or exceeds these specifications according to Koczirka.

“The Icon is a COPDers protective shield against harmful indoor air pollution,” he says.

The Icon

For the study, A.I.R. will ask to go into the COPDers’ home, install the unit and document the air quality delivered and the positive air pressure to ensure that it meets or exceeds the CDC, AIA, WHO, and ASHRAE standards for a hospital operating room.

Koczirka says they are looking for five COPDers to participate.  The process is designed to be non-intrusive and the installation and initial education process will take around 30 minutes.

In addition, three other readings will take place over a 45-day period to ensure accuracy of results. A.I.R. Corporation will ask that the unit is kept running 24/7. (The electrical output is minimal and is equal to that of a 75 watt light bulb.)

“If the COPDer wants us to stop the study at any time, they certainly have that option.  We will come and pick up the unit at their convenience. If, at the end of a successful completed study, the COPDer wishes to keep the unit, they can for as long as they consider it useful,” he says.

The product sells for $1,600.

“We are not looking for a sale, we’re just looking to gather data and help COPDers along the way.”

For the AIR study, an ideal candidate must:

–         Be a COPDer

–         Be a non-smoker

–         Not own any pets

–         Reside in a single-family dwelling

–         Be willing to participate in the full 45 day test

–         Be willing to give constructive feedback

If you live in the Greater Boston Area and are interested in participating in this trial study, please contact: or visit the website.

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