DRIVE4COPD Encouraged Dancing For COPD

February 9th, 2011 | Author: Katelyn Turner

“We didn’t choose COPD…COPD chose ‘Full Tilt Boogie,’” says Donna Lee.

The song and video that Lee is referring to is known internationally for its part in spreading awareness about COPD.

Donna Lee says “Full Tilt Boogie” is a term originating out of Texas, brought to the song-writing table from Texas A&M University.

“The title, ‘Full Tilt Boogie’ invites folks to get up and move. We thought that the video would make a fantastic COPD pulmonary rehabilitation and awareness video for folks of all ages,” Donna Lee says. “Watch the video closely. As the camera scans the floor, you are witnessing over 75 active citizens from all walks of life and all ages participating in pulmonary rehabilitation. Can you tell me which dancers are living with COPD?”

“Full Tilt Boogie” continues to excited and invite many dancers to get up and get motivated, according to Donna Lee.

“Hopefully people will continue to dance, exercise and participate. It just so happens that our lifestyles have left so many with COPD, but COPD doesn’t have to be a death sentence,” she says. “Though limited, once diagnosed and with your doctor’s care and encouragement we can continue to live active lives.”

The group is a social line dance group comprised of seniors from all over the Vegas Valley as well as Mesquite, Nevada and different cities in Utah, who meet once a month. They filmed the video in East Las Vegas, with dancers’ ages ranging from 55 to 85.

“Many people who attended this Full Tilt Boogie session danced for three hours with just two short breaks, most of the seniors having a variety of health issues,” Donna Lee says.

Full Tilt Boogie

“One lady with COPD brought her nebulizer and sat out when she became too winded. Others dealt with double knee replacements, arthroscopic surgeries, back problems, high blood pressure, heart bypass surgery and various types of cancer,” she says. “Senior line dancers are a resilient breed of people. A lot of that resilience can be attributed to the exercise they are exposed to when they attend line dance class.”

Donna Lee says line dancing not only offers physical exercise, but also mental exercise.

“’Full Tilt Boogie’ line dance increases the blood flow to your brain and to the important organs in your body. The steps are simple enough that everyone can do them and it is up tempo so everyone gets a good workout when they do it,” she says.

Donna Lee says the video, which has over 3,000 views on Youtube, is being added to playlists at radio stations worldwide, and won second place at the 2011 Las Vegas Line Dance competition. She also says it was submitted to the 2011 CMA festival (a supporter of the DRIVE4COPD campaign).

The “Full Tilt Boogie” would not be possible without these people:

  • Singer/songwriter L J Coon, L J Coon Music Publishing BMI
  • Award-winning Line Dance Instructor Sheri Hurley
  • Videographer Annie Lynn
  • All of the 75 plus Line Dancers at the East Las Vegas Community Center
  • All of the Line Dance folks worldwide that have started their own “Full Tilt Boogie” Grass Roots effort to raise COPD awareness.
  • Radio stations worldwide for adding “Full Tilt Boogie” to their playlist in an effort to get the word out and invite folks to be tested.
  • All of the folks in the Drive4COPD Campaign, Tune Up for COPD, and The 2011 CMA festival, for their very favorable acceptance of the song/video submission of “Full Tilt Boogie” for COPD awareness.

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