Sea Puffers Pulmonary Cruises

August 20th, 2012 | Author: Fabiana Talbot

So many individuals with COPD refrain from traveling, and understandably so. Traveling with oxygen can be scary and overwhelming — which is why Travel Agent Pam Mackenzie and Celeste Belyea, RN, RRT, created Sea Puffers, a cruise line specifically designed for those traveling with supplemental oxygen!

Pam and Celeste plan 4-5 cruises per year, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Panama Canal, Pacific Coast and Hawaii.  They also arrange land tours to he Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, a Northwest train excursion, Florida, and city tours.


During the cruise, vacationers have the opportunity to meet with one another as a group to share their experiences.  It is a great chance to tell others about yourself, and discuss topics related to living with special needs.  Respiratory Therapists are on board to monitor your oxygen levels and make arrangements for your equipment.

Visit the Sea Puffers website!

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